Standard Deep-Tissue Massage

Trigger-point, cross-fiber friction, muscle energy technique, Myofascial release, and other deep-tissue types of therapy with a little Swedish mixed in for maximum relaxation.

  • 30 min.-$25
  • 60 min.-$45
  • 90 min.-$60
  • 120 min.-$80

The Critz Release Technique

A pain free system of bodywork that can be done without removing clothing. It is used to find, relax, and lengthen shortened muscles which are causing body imbalance, pain and reduced range of motion.

  • $45 initial assessment and treatment
  • After initial assessment, additional 30 min.-$25
  • After initial assessment, additional 60 min.-$45.

Chair Massage

Short 5 to 30 minute sessions done in a seated position while fully clothed. It is designed to get you relaxed and refreshed so you can get on with your day.

  • 5 min.-$5
  • 10 min.-$8
  • 15 min.-$12
  • 20 min.-$15
  • 30 min.-$25

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Extremely gentle and relaxing massage that increases the flow of lymphatic fluid thus enhancing the bodies immune system. Also, it reduces simple swelling and edema.

  • Full body (about 90 min.)-$60
  • Neck an face only-$25


Specially designed for feet & lower legs as well as hands & lower arms. Great if you’re on your feet and working with your hands all day.

  • 60 min.-$45

• Swedish Massage: Great for relaxation and to relieve stress. 30 min.-$25; 60 min.-$45; 90 min.-$60; 120min.-$80